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Witness to Change: Community Conversations on Coastal Impacts

Since civilization began, people have attempted to control water - keeping it close, but in its place. But what happens when the relationship with water changes? How do we react when the sea rises, when land is lost, and when flooding affects our home?

Witness to Change: Community Conversations on Coastal Impacts offers a place to have these conversations. This adult reading and discussion program, led by scholars, offers participants the opportunity to learn more about issues arising from the complex and changing human relationship with water. See how these issues are both local and global, and join your neighbors in an exploration of how others are adapting to our changing world.

Currents is a program of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities and is made possible by the State of Louisiana.

Community Conversations were held at the Broadmoor Branch January 23 - April 24, 2023. Copies of each of the books discussed were provided to attendees and Shreve Memorial Library branches. If you are interested in continuing these important conversations, please visit your favorite Shreve Memorial Library branch and check out a copy of the books listed below.

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